Why Intent/Content?

Why is this website dedicated to these two words? It's because life is better when it's lived with intentionality and contentment.

These words aren't the basis of a particular lifestyle. They aren't a narrow set of rules by which you should subscribe. They are simply two words that can greatly improve the path you're on, or help you change paths entirely.

Intent/Content is about encouraging you to live the life you really want. It’s about searching deep within yourself, discovering who you are, and crafting life-change. It’s about truly living, in whatever form that is for you.

If you're interested in that, then this post might be a good place to keep reading.


Who is Canaan Reeverts?

I'm a husband, writer, thinker, designer, entrepreneur, and the founder of Intent/Content. I also earn a living as civil engineer where my work has primarily been focused on urban redevelopment projects. I live/work in Denver, CO with my beautiful wife, Bekah. 

I waited way too long to start writing publicly.

I have always loved writing and helping others. Intent/Content is my way of doing both while sharing my own story along the way. I write about daily living, creating life-change, productivity, accomplishing goals, joy, and personal development.

You can also follow my personal twitter account @C_Reeverts.